UK Sports – Matched Betting – a customers story

We recently had a young gentleman from England with us. He spent a week here in Alaska enjoying our kayaking and cruises. This was an expensive trip for him because of the long haul flights and while he was here he told us how he had afforded his trip. It’s a unique story so we thought we would share it with you.

Steve told us about his attempts to make money from online bookies in order to pay for his trip. Immediately I thought he had a gambling problem but he explained it wasn’t gambling but a completely risk free way to make money.

His method was called matched betting. From what we understand it is the method of laying off your bets so that you can’t lose and then profiting from the free bet bonuses along the way. From doing this Steve had managed to make £10,000 profit in 12 months. That’s around $15,000. Not bad for a hobby.

He was very enthusiastic about the whole process as you can imagine and wanted to spread the word so that other people could profit from this in the same way he had done.

He told us that he had used a service called Oddsmonkey to teach him how to do all this. He visits their website every day and gets instructions on what to do for every offer that is available that day. He said he had been a member of a service called Profit Accumulator which is another good way to learn. Steve has his own website where he writes about all this. We have linked to it within this post.

He is always on the lookout for new ways to profit from the bookies so is constantly trialling new services and writing reviews about them online. His latest is a Profit Squirrel Review. You can read about matched betting on Wikipedia here :

All these sites have specially made software that can help you to profit. It’s all completely risk free. Steve explained that there may be a way to do this in the US but he hadn’t looked into it. Obviously gambling laws over here vary from state to state. However if you are UK based then it is worth looking into to raise an extra bit of cash. Then you too can come and visit us here is Alaska.

We know it isn’t cheap to travel here from many places in the world because of the remote location and the lack of direct international flights. Please contact us if you would like to discuss pricing as we would be happy to discuss ways we can accommodate your budget.

The summer is a great time to visit as the weather can be quite extreme at other times of the year. Please contact us for more information on our holiday seasons as we can’t kayak when the water is frozen!

Steve is coming back to see us again next year and plans to have made even more money by then so be can fly first class from London to New York and then onward to us. Steve also sent us some amazing pictures he captured whilst he was here. I will get them uploaded as soon as I can.

Please note that we do not advocate gambling in any form and recommend you read up on everything we have posted here before you look to do this yourself. Steve’s website is a great place to start but there are many other places to read up on this. We would love to welcome more visitors from the UK to the magical place we have built here in Alaska.

We look forward to seeing you again Steve!